Anna Netrebko the Beauty of Anna Bolena

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Anna Netrebko once again rushed to the forefront of my senses when I saw her in the title role of Donizetti’s ‘Anna Bolena’. I had not imagined that there could be a singer who could so easily bring me to a form of artistic ecstasy, as only the greatest of artists in the past have. Actually, as very few artists ever have. But her amazing beauty, her warm demeanor and sweet personality, and her incredible and magical talent, are instantly appealing and utterly irresistible. I was not necessarily looking for someone to fall madly in love with, but I was at once smittened by her, and she has not left my mind since. My taste for her grows in wonderful ways, and for me she cannot be gotten enough of.

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“Anna Bolena”
Great Performances at the Met.
Season 6 opens with Gaetano Donizetti’s “Anna Bolena” based on the last days of Anne Boleyn (Anna Netrebko), the second wife of British monarch Henry VIII (Ildar Abdrazakov).

Anna Netrebko Anna Bolena1-2

So now I am madly in love with Anna Netrebko. What is wrong with me. Why am I so easily seduced by great beauty and incredible talent. And particularly by Anna’s. Why am I so moved by this world-class artist, one so refined and masterful, so inspired and eloquent, as she. Why can I not resist the unearthly strains of her angelic voice. Her down-to-earth humanity and her towering artistry. The iridescent splendor of her irresistible beauty. How beautiful she looks in the beautiful dresses she wears. The simple beauty of her hair. The wave-like motions of her gently quivering bosom. Even as she performs the greatest roles in the greatest operas. Even as she prodigiously indulges in the highest of arts, she exudes wonderful sensuality and expresses herself in the most complete and compelling of ways. With all the elements of a great artist and all the facets of a beautiful woman. The way she embodies all of this, in female form and human spirit, is a beautiful thing, impossible to resist. And perhaps if I could resist all of this, all that she is, then I myself may not be altogether human.

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Still I search to understand what it is about her that enthralls me so. About Anna Netrebko. Something specific, perhaps. One aspect of her. I follow the clues. I know I adore and am in awe of her voice. No question there. Her sexy feminine beauty, all woman and all beautiful, is again unquestionable and is a big contributing factor to this adoration I feel for her. Her world-class talents and sophisticated attitudes are deliciously enticing. Everyone loves a refined woman. One who retains her natural charm and her sweet ways. I am no different from everyone. I too am enamored of all of these things about her. But still I ponder. Is it something even more compelling?

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And then it dawns on me. It becomes as clear as the pools of beauty embossed in my mind, and as the answer that I now come to realize. It is her eyes. Anna Netrebko’s beautiful eyes. With their deep and longing qualities, not piercing, but insightful. Soft, really, and invitingly comforting, in a way. Warm. The warmth of her eyes. This introspection in her soul that finds its expression in her beautiful eyes. They are perhaps the aspect about Anna that is most understatedly seductive. And as I admire her beauty and revel in her artistry, they were there all along, right in front of me. This reason of adulation that eluded me was as simple as that, and as plain to see. The unbelievably beautiful eyes of beautiful Anna Netrebko.
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