But I Love Giada

Giada De Laurentiis

But I Love Giada
a poem

I don’t relish relish
And I don’t crave clove
Sushi doesn’t suit my fancy
I don’t like it in my pantry
But I love Giada

Pasta for me not the best and
I can do without fondue
I don’t like beer or wine or ale
I don’t like snail, pheasant or quail
But I love Giada

Asparagus just gives me gas
And minute rice is much too fast
Caviar just makes me broke
And artichoke is such a joke
I don’t like salads, souffle or strudel
I don’t like eggs and I don’t like noodle
But I love Giada

I don’t like soup, hot, cold or warm
Or cantaloupe, cabbage or corn
Or anything that starts with c
It’s simply not my cup of tea

I don’t like tea
It makes me peevish
And speaking of which
I love her cleavage
I don’t like alfalfa, falafel or faro
I don’t like bone and I don’t like marrow
But I love Giada


I love her every little thing
In or out of her kitchen
So sweet is she, a sight to see
She’s never mad and never bitchin’

All in all I have to say
No matter what, she makes my day
To see her smiling back at me
My culinary fantasy

A beautiful woman with the magic she makes
And I love it when she bakes those cakes
I’m trying to bake one now myself
I have her cookbooks on my shelf

I’ll never stop watching her shows
The foods she cooks, the places she goes
The friends she shares, the love she sows
The bridges she builds, the garden she grows

We wish her well and never woes
And through all this, we hope she knows
That she is loved almost as much
As she is respected by the likes of us

We hate to say, we just hate beets
And we never have chocolate on call
We may not like candies or sweets
But we do love the sweetest one of all
We love Giada

“But I Love Giada”
a little poem in praise of Giada De Laurentiis
with love and respect for Giada.
(c) 2014 MusicAndFilm.net.