Carice Van Houten Merrily Mischievous In Minoes

Carice Van Houten Minoes

The beautiful actress Carice Van Houten plays the human female incarnate of an actual feline in the delightful film “Minoes”. So Sweet! Adjusting to her new persona provides for some wonderful scenes as she finds herself stuck in trees, eating sardines right out of the can and rubbing noses with others.

Carice Van Houten Minoes
The story takes us along on an exciting little mystery that involves the whole town and we are there with Carice Van Houten every step of the way as she unravels the mystery and brings harmony back to everyone.

Carice Van Houten is a brilliant actress. And she is a comedic gem. She is gorgeous. She is talented. She is sensuous. And her smile melts our hearts. We simply love you, Carice Van Houten.
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