Charlotte Rampling Ludivine Sagnier And A Swimming Pool

Charlotte Rampling Ludivine Sagnier

The beautiful Charlotte Rampling and Ludivine Sagnier are thrown together in the lush French countryside in a lovely summer house with a swimming pool. The grand lady of the silver screen, Charlotte Rampling sits in a deck chair and attempts to write while being curiously distracted by the sensuous Ludivine Sagnier as she swims.

Charlotte Rampling

A classic case of the free spirit, Ludivine Sagnier trying to unnerve the emotionally safe and secure Charlotte Rampling. And in the hands of these two brilliant actresses we are treated to a wonderful film. Charlotte Rampling is an icon of cinema and has entertained us with characters of the highest order. She is elegant. She is graceful. She is simply magnificent.

Ludivine Sagnier

Ludivine Sagnier fills the screen with her dynamic presence. She is a joy to watch. She is extremely talented. She lives her character and we feel it. She is gorgeous with a body that overflows with sensuality. A body she very graciously shares with us.

Charlotte Rampling Ludivine Sagnier Swimming Pool

It is delightful to watch these two actresses share the screen. We are great admirers. Thank you Charlotte Rampling and Ludivine Sagnier.
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