Ching-He Huang Popularly Fuses Chinese And Other Culinary Styles

Ching-He Huang

Beyond Chinese, her approach to the fusion of different cuisines has gained a large following of food devotees. Ching-He Huang is a beautiful cook, author and television personality known for her popular cooking shows and books, and for her original and acclaimed re-invention and fusion of various styles of Chinese cuisine, creating her own unique recipes and teaching her own educated and inspired ideas about food. Her shows include Restaurant Redemption, Chinese Food Made Easy and Easy Chinese. Her many books include Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure, Everyday Easy Chinese, Ching’s Fast Food and Chinese Food Made Easy. “Food is not just for the body, but also for the soul” quote from Ching-He Huang. We love Ching.
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Ching-He HuangChing-He Huang

Date of Birth: November 28, 1978
Place of Birth: Tainan, Taiwan
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Name at Birth: ???