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Connie Nielsen

Talented and amazingly beautiful, statuesque and sexy beyond all reason, actress Connie Nielsen has left a forever glorious impression with her magnificent portrayal of Lucilla in Gladiator. Connie Nielsen is sensual and romantic, brave and tough, as the besieged Lucilla, as she is torn not just between her different loyalties, but between her different loves as well. Specifically between her care for the exiled general Maximus and her concern for her young son Lucius. Connie Nielsen is mesmerizing in her beautifully nuanced portrayal of Lucilla, and brings phenomenal female star presence to this epic film.

Connie Nielsen

Connie Nielsen also stars in Basic, Brothers, Mission to Mars, as Nina Yorkin in One Hour Photo, Battle in Seattle, Permanent Midnight, Return to Zero, as Abby Durrell in The Hunted, as Christabella Andreoli in The Devil’s Advocate with Charlize Theron, as Jenny in Perfect Sense with Eva Green, and as Megan Denright in Innocents with Mia Kirshner, among many other cool films. She is sizzling and superb in the role of Joe’s mother in Nymphomaniac: Vol. I.
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ConnieNielsenConnie Nielsen

Date of Birth: July 3, 1965
Place of Birth: Frederikshavn, Denmark
Star Sign: Cancer
Height: 5′ 10″ (1.78 m)
Name at Birth: Connie Inge-Lise Nielsen