Gabriela Maria Schmeide Delights In “Die Friseuse”

Gabriela Maria Schmeide The Hairdresser

The beautiful actress Gabriela Maria Schmeide presents us with a marvelous performance in the thoughtful, funny, bittersweet film, “The Hairdresser” [“Die Friseuse”]. Finding herself on the not so bright side of things and faced with the ever present social stigmas, she struggles against a constant stream of opposition but carries on with pride and a positive attitude.

Gabriela Maria Schmeide delivers great humor in some very funny scenes and takes us along her wonderful journey as she finds her place in the sun and learns to be happy with herself. This lovely actress has consistently entertained us in her many films and we are grateful. Thank you Gabriela Maria Schmeide. We love you.
(c) 2014