Giada’s Italian Holiday


Giada explores the markets, trattorias and cafes of Italy.

Venice Rome Parma

We get the glorious chance to travel with the astoundingly beautiful and talented Giada De Laurentiis, as she visits Italy for her wonderful special Giada’s Italian Holiday, and we delight along with her as she gives us a tasty slice of these three famous cities.

Giada looks so unbelievably beautiful and sweet in this show, it’s simply amazing. She’s all shiny and sparkling and she glows like an iridescent diamond. With her gorgeous hair all done up and that pretty scarf tied around her sexy neck, we can only wish that we could have shared this wonderful holiday with Giada. Especially when she starts out in Venice, which Giada calls “one of the most romantic cities in the world”. She stops when she sees a photo on a wall of her grandmother, and although Giada always so beautifully maintains her elegant and pristine composure, we can almost discern a momentary touch of emotion on Giada’s strikingly beautiful face. A fleetingly beautiful moment.

She samples a ‘bellini’ in Harry’s Bar, “the most famous bar in the world”.

And as she orders her various food delicacies, it is so enthralling to hear Giada speak Italian. Something too sexy about that, but can’t quite figure out why. Matters not why. She surely doesn’t do it enough. She can do an entire show speaking Italian, and we would be transfixed, and even though we wouldn’t be able to comprehend too much, we would still be able to understand Giada’s meaning. For as much as Giada cooks with her voice, she also speaks with her hands, and we can pick up a lot from them. Those beautiful, strong, versatile, experienced, inviting, and immensely talented hands. We love Giada’s hands. Just look at what they can do. Taste what they can do. Not everyone’s hands can bring such exhilarating pleasure. When Giada cooks, it’s like watching a great classical artist create her timeless works of art.

The sexy black tank-top type top she is wearing, with those blue jeans, as she cruises around the Venetian isles in a small boat, constantly reminds us of just how sexily delightful Giada is. She stops in at the Venini glass-blowing shop, and we get to see some beautiful examples of this age-old artcraft.

In the middle of her fabulous vacation, as she is ‘happily eating her way through Italy’, Giada proclaims that she has three reasons to head on to the next city, and that they all start with the letter P. Procuitto. Parmigiano. Pasta. As does Parma.

So on to Parma, where she visits a parmigiano reggiano factory… “the king of Italian cheeses”. Now we all know how much Giada loves this cheese, so this must have been a real joy for her… even as she struggles through cutting a bundle of the cheese in half. And in her cutely energetic efforts, the paper hat she needed to wear falls off, almost into the water vat, and the cheese man catches her falling hat and then he puts her hat back on her head… too adorable. Her cute little hat that keeps falling off. But all in all she does say that she felt like a kid in a candy store. Or maybe like Charlie in his chocolate factory.

But then, on her way to Rome, she does stop into an actual chocolate factory, the Perugina factory, where she tries her hand at making “bacchie”. And “Wille Wonka, watch out” she says.

And then, finally, all roads lead to Rome, “some call it the eternal city”, as Giada arrives in her hometown city to meet the lucky man in her life, her ‘gorgeous husband’ Todd. Terribly handsome, with a great sense of style, he is always someone that we admire and respect, and they make a perfect couple. He must be so good for her, in so many ways, and she is, well… a goddess. She’s Giada… ’nuff said.

They have a toast, celebrating their ‘first night in Rome’. Then they go for gelatos, where Giada describes hers as ‘vanilla ice cream with thick chocolate fudge dripped over the top, with a little taste of hazelnut in there’. And of course we know that Giada loves chocolate with hazelnut. And the sensual experience of seeing Giada eating that big cone is not one to be missed. Respectfully.

And finally Giada meets up with her mother, who is a strikingly beautiful Italian woman, and they enthusiastically go shoe shopping, purchase some cured food goodies, and meet up with some family friends for a joyous get-together. Heartwarming indeed.

And that ends Giada’s Italian Holiday, only too soon. We’ll never forget how beautiful Giada looks, the gorgeous necklaces and clothes she wears, including that awesome green jacket in Venice, that seems to be made out of a material lighter than air, and the genuine delight Giada takes in travelling around Italy, a place that is obviously so very close to her heart. As she is to ours. Thank you Giada, and great show! Great show indeed.
(c) 2014