Isabelle Carré Delectable In “Les émotifs anonymes”

Isabelle Carre Les Emotifs Anonymes
The Delicious Isabelle Carré and scrumptious Chocolates.

The beautiful actress Isabelle Carré delivers a totally delectable performance in “Les émotifs anonymes”. Playing the adorable, perpetually coy and coquettish Angélique Delange, she is daftly afraid of the whole wide world. In fact she occasionally faints when speaking or being spoken to in public. What a delight to see her collapse so sweetly, so comically that we are almost falling to the floor with amusement.

Isabelle Carré Les Emotifs Anonymes

And as Angélique Delange, Isabelle Carré is a grand chocolatier. Brimming with talent. Aching to pleasure the world with her amazing chocolate creations. But how can she overcome her shyness and fulfill her dreams? Well she does it quite wonderfully. Isabelle Carré is a delight to watch as she navigates her humorous chocolate filled world. She is a gorgeous woman. Sensuous. A comedic jewel. Thank you, Isabelle Carré. We adore you.
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