James Cameron’s Heroines Part 5 Titanic – Kate Winslet

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I’m almost ashamed to admit that I watched Titanic the other night. Not for the umpteenth time, like most fans, but I had definitely seen it a few times before, including in the theater during its first run. This time it was playing on some cable channel, and I was alone, and it was late, and I didn’t have anything in particular to do. I had also just seen Kate Winslet on a late night talk show, promoting her current film, the Steve Jobs movie, and she was still on my mind. So it all came together nicely, and there I was finding myself on the sofa, enjoying three hours of top notch entertainment, from one of the masters of the field. A great film, by a brilliant director. And being enthralled by the great beauty and divine acting of Kate Winslet.

James Cameron's Heroines-kate-winslet-titanic-2All the actresses and actors were superb. And of course we must again praise beautiful Kate Winslet for her altogether mesmerizing role of Rose. This is, contrary to most opinions, quite a minimalist part, with actually an understated performance, especially considering the riveting moments in the story, harrowing scenes that practically cry out for over-dramatization. So Kate Winslet certainly deserves applause for her approach, in her relatively short time on screen, and in her few, but pointed scenes, she manages to tell the entire life story of Rose Dawson, and makes us feel not singular emotions, but really a lifetime’s worth of emotions.

James Cameron's Heroines-kate-winslet-titanic-3For in her delicately dramatic nuances, Kate gives us the most beautiful moments, but she also holds back, as is fitting for her conflictedly repressed character, and allows us to fill in the rest, experiencing all the emotions not revealed to us, imagining the years in between, all the times in her life not shown on screen, and adding our own feelings and our own sensibilities, and thus enhancing our experience much more so than if she had provided so much for us that we felt crowded by her delivery or stifled by her performance.

James Camero's Heroines-kate-winslet-titanic-4Kate Winslet, as the young Rose Dawson, becomes one of the most memorable of the James Cameron’s heroines. She does it perfectly, she knew what she was doing, and in so doing, she has created a role, a performance, and an appearance on screen, that will be remembered and admired for as long as there is film, for as long as there are actresses, and for as long as there are people who love them.
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