James Cameron’s Heroines Part 6 Dark Angel – Jessica Alba

Dark Angel – Jessica Alba

Even James Cameron’s foray into television results in trend-setting and cutting edge stuff. And a deliciously high sense of quality. And class. And another wonderful example of Cameron’s championing of the female hero. The heroine. The strong and sensible woman who leads the film and carries the story in a most welcomed way. We love our female heroines, and can’t get enough of them. Not the least because there really aren’t that many of them, relatively speaking. But the grand change has happened, and now it’s just a matter of time. That the further history of cinema will inevitably be dominated, in every aspect possible, by women, and by female-driven interests and concerns.

Dark Angel – Jessica Alba 2In 2000, James Cameron created a remarkable television series that would continue his noble passion of featuring female leads in his big-budget movies, and focusing on their honest situations and dilemmas. The series is Dark Angel, and this time the great new vibrant and appealing actress to star in Cameron’s creation would be the awesome Jessica Alba. Playing the exciting role of Alex, Jessica would grab our interest and capture our hearts almost instantly, with the charming and daring qualities she brought to the part. She was perfect, and was a huge sensation. Jessica’s dynamic personality fantastically brought out the passion and rebelliousness of the character of Alex.

Dark Angel – Jessica Alba 3Jessica Alba was so obviously an enormous star in the making, that this has been proven a hundred times over in the years to follow. Jessica would become one of the most popular actresses and she remains one of the unfortunately still rare female blockbuster leads, and a constant box-office draw as well.

Dark Angel – Jessica Alba 4James Cameron would later approach television again, in 2008, with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but until then, it would be Dark Angel with which James Cameron would make his mark in the medium. And it would be Jessica Alba who would play the lead role magnificently, and would all but ensure that the series would be a mega-hit, for all concerned. And it was. For all concerned.

Dark Angel – Jessica Alba 5aJessica Alba would not only go on to become, and remain, one of the top actresses in film, but she would brilliantly engineer her astounding creation of The Honest Company, an environmentally and people-friendly producer of household and personal products. In what was a truly honest and heart-felt endeavor by lovely and clever Jessica Alba, the Honest Company has now grown into a billion dollar empire, and Jessica Alba has fittingly been lauded and praised for her brilliance, her drive, and her awesome power and strength, and for that amazing female spirit and energy that makes her so wondrously gorgeous and smart. We love Jessica Alba, we always have. She continues to surprise us all. But in a way, it is not so surprising, that she would be capable of such phenomenal things. She is a goddess on our humble earth. And we always knew it. At least we always suspected. Now we’re sure. Cheers Jessica!
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