James Cameron’s Heroines Part 7 Avatar – Zoe Saldana

Avatar - Zoe Saldana

But it would be Zoe Saldana who would be James Cameron’s ultimate heroine, as she would be the lead character in the director’s humongous and record-setting blockbuster film Avatar. Zoe plays Neytiri, a strange otherworldly alien-human hybrid, in what would be a cutting edge mix of live performance and motion-control animation. Constantly pioneering so many evolutionary aspects of film-making in each of his films, Avatar is no different, and James Cameron has once again created a breathtaking film of true cinematic wonder. And one that has also proved itself to be incredibly popular, as Avatar has reached the number one spot on the worldwide box office, and has remained there for many years.

Avatar - Zoe SaldanaOwing to both these facts is none other that the beautiful and magnificent actress Zoe Saldana, without whom the movie masterpiece that is Avatar would have been nothing close to what it was. We look forward with endless anticipation to seeing Zoe Saldana in the upcoming Avatar sequels, the numbers of them at this stage seemingly infinite. And why not. The fantastical and rich storyline and the exciting and awe-filled appeal of these films could go on forever. And we would gratefully enjoy watching Zoe Saldana forever.
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Zoe Saldana at promotion for Avatar.