Kylie Minogue As The Goddess Aphrodite

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Kylie Minogue as the Goddess Aphrodite is a one of a kind experience. And overwhelmingly magnificent. In her brilliant stage show Aphrodite, a music concert and a masterpiece of theatrical art, Kylie Minogue shows her awesome talent in all its many facets, singing beautifully, dancing superbly, and generally showing once again that she is truly one of the great pop divas of the modern music era. And that word meant in the very best sense, and not in the now too-oft-thrown-about almost sardonic overuse of the word. No. Kylie is the true diva. The real diva. She is ageless. And she is timeless. And she is beyond the beauty and brilliance of what mere words can aspire to describe. But before we overflow her cup, hopefully, with our praises, there is a looming and unavoidable mention to be made.

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Her legs. OK. So what is is about Kylie Minogue’s legs. They are the legs of a model, if that model was super. They are so seemingly soft and delicately perfect, and a thing of true beauty. They are strong in dance, and in her original stance. And in her prance, so to speak. A strut, really, and all too enticing. They are awesomely sexy, as and when she wants to be. They are, or seem, one should say, comfortingly inviting to dwell your imagination on. One can admire her beautiful legs forever, as their heart is warmed and their imagination takes flight. But we should concentrate on her fantastic music. With its throbbing beats and resplendent synth beds. Her fabulous imagery. With highly inspired design and staging. And her supreme and divine talent across so many realms. An amazing and incomparably accomplished artist. In control and in her element. Confidence brimming. Sensuality overflowing. Well rehearsed and thoroughly perfected, this show is one for the ages. And a seminal work in the brief and glorious history of pop music. And it’s Kylie Minogue. All the way.

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As the Showgirl, Kylie casts herself in a role of many incarnates. From the elegant and elegiac female beauty, to the saucy prom, or maybe pom-pom queen, to the divine disco diva in a sparkling green dress shimmering with her elegance, to the water goddess, the ageless object d’art, a living fountain, certainly of her eternal youth, to mix fables, slithering bodies around her statuesque repose, her manner reminding of Aphrodite herself, residing, in and of hills and mountains and grand visages, her soul infinite and floating, in the realm of the gods, a goddess she, this woman of such beauty, this dream to all including me, this endless female homage to infinity and to the sweetness of feminine divinity. This she. This Kylie.

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Without giving too much away, for you simply must see this show, but there is a majestic moment, among many, later in the show, when Kylie forms a fountain, with her as the centerpiece. Water flumes sprouting in circular harmony. Dancers spiraling mystically in harmonious synchronization, rising in surreal fashion around the great beauty that is Kylie.

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She is so humble and civil in her rare stage banter, for lack of a better word, that she makes your heart open for her. Yet at the same time, she knows just what she is. A powerhouse of energy overflowing with talent in reserve and originality to spare. Kylie is assured in herself, and then some, and does not crumble under the weight of her own fantastic position. Which is, of course, on top, and in every way possible.

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Kylie’s voice. What a masterpiece all by itself. Oh, and the way she teases with it. Is that a learnt thing, or a naturally celestial talent. With little expressions of only feelings and with no words to distract, her beautiful sounds and vocal embellishments reach straight to your most vulnerable areas, in your heart, and tugs at that part of you that is already yearning. She becomes this embodiment of all love, of the primal comfort of a warm embrace, of the total sexual and sensual expression of a beautiful woman, wrapped in sweet design, and glorified in the form of inspired and ecstatic art.

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And her singing. Well, she is highly accomplished. Her beautiful and charmingly resonant voice sings out in manners and styles that only the finest of world class artists can. She stands in an arena among only a few, if that many. She is a study in class, and an essay in human consciousness, spiritual enlightenment and female empowerment. Love and respect to Kylie Minogue. Cheers, Kylie.
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