Lara Fabian Beautiful Woman of Song

Lara Fabian Beautiful Goddess1-2

Lara Fabian cannot be described with the spoken word. Nor the written word. Of her must be played the strains of a pure and beautiful melody. For music is she, as she herself is music. Her voice is perfect. In every way. And flawless to an infinite degree. Her expression is a thing of ethereal beauty, her voice itself a melody, separate of the song. Her artistic inspirations. Her high aspirations to be true to her own defined and noble principles. Her dedication to her art, her study, her craft. Her yearning for the truth and her seeking to find it. Lara’s incredible beauty – sophisticated but not unapproachable. Elegant but not exclusive. Sexy and inviting, but, oh, so respected. Her appearance is heavenly, fully formed in a divinely feminine mold. Her intelligence. Her control of self, and her endless attention to her exemplary standards.

Lara Fabian Beautiful Goddess1-1

She is unsparing in her standards. Uncompromising in her stance. She gives up none of her class, just to be one of the class. She is not that interested in simply gaining a bigger audience, or a greater following. The greatest artists aren’t. The greatest artists allow their art to speak for itself. And those that find them and their art are lucky sods. That audience, that following. They, we, gain something that we could not dream of, that we could not imagine. Well, of course not. That is what the artist does. She gives it to us. Her talent. Her brilliance. Her grand imagination that manifests itself into great art.

Lara FabianLara Fabian is brilliant. Her imagination is endless. And her art is great. She shows us something we could not dream of before. Something we could not ever imagine. She is the gift from the places humans hardly get to thread. She accesses the immortal. She reaches the universal consciousness, and she so gently nurtures the song, from that cupboard of creativity, from that shelf of inspiration. She returns to the real, she gives it to us, unselfishly and graciously, and completely free and true of heart, and she does this by singing to us, in her incredibly beautiful way, with all of the amazing talent and skill that she can so easily command, and even then she gives us something more.

Lara FabianShe gives us herself. One only has to see Lara Fabian sing a song, and we can see immediately that there is something special here. That this is special. That she is special. It may only take a few more seconds to realize, in fact, that she is one of the most special, and fantastic, and talented, and absolutely most beautiful women who has ever existed, and who has ever been sweetly kind enough to grace our world. With her great beauty, with her inspired talent, with her sweet song, and with her beautiful voice. Love to Lara.
(c) 2014