Ledoyen Taglioni Thomas – Delicious In La Doublure!

Ledoyen Taglioni Thomas La Doublure

In much disbelief we noticed something quite magical in the delightful film La Doublure. It seemed that three beautiful actresses had decided to test the integrity of our hearts. Was it a dream? It was not a dream. The exquisite and sensuous Kristin Scott Thomas, Alice Taglioni and Virginie Ledoyen had in fact combined their extraordinary talents and beauty and gifted us with their performances in this wonderful film.

Virgine Ledoyen La Doublure Ledoyen Taglioni Thomas

Alice Taglioni La Doublure Ledoyen Taglioni Thomas

Kristin Scott Thomas La Doublure Ledoyen Taglioni Thomas

They are mesmerically beautiful, graceful and elegant as they lead us, wide eyed I must add, through a sexy tale filled with comedy, romance and joy. And we no longer wonder what happiness is, for we found happiness in Alice Taglioni, Kristin Scott Thomas and Virginie Ledoyen. Thank you, ladies. We adore you!
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