Li Bingbing Is Irresistible In I Do

Li Bingbing shines in I Do

Li Bingbing is just irresistible in the wonderful romantic comedy I Do. This lovely story gives her the room to once again showcase her amazing versatility and depth as an actress.

Li Bingbing I Do
Li Bingbing In IDo

As the smart, hard working and utterly gorgeous Tang Weiwei we follow Li Bingbing along her delightful journey, filled with precarious predicaments as she seeks a different lifestyle for herself.

Li Bingbing after shower

Trying to end a stagnant phase in her life, Li Bingbing is faced with a very difficult and complicated decision. A decision, a choice, that once made will be hers’ to live with. Li Bingbing brings her character to life, full of verve and energy and filled with complex emotions that delves beneath the surface. And filled with romance, laughter and love. Thank you, Li Bingbing.
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