Li Bingbing Rocks Resident Evil: Retribution

Li Bingbing Resident Evil

Li Bingbing is in top action form once again as she rocks Resident Evil: Retribution. She is tough. She is strong. She is determined. She fights. She flips. She is just fantastic.

Li Bingbing Resident Evil
Li Bingbing wears that dress. With the thigh high slit. With the gun strap around her thigh. With a gun in it. Smashing. Simply smashing. In this film, Li Bingbing creates a strong, dynamic character and imbues it with her energy, her skills and her powerful presence.

Li Bingbing Resident Evil Retribution

Li Bingbing and Milla Jovovich

And when a hand is deliberately placed upon Li Bingbing’s thigh, right on her gun strap, she ever so casually removes it and just sits and stares provocatively, in silence. Such a wonderful, playful delicious moment as Li Bingbing does so well. Another wonderful performance from Li Bingbing. Thank you, Li Bingbing, we admire you.
(c) 2014