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The brilliant pianist Lola Astanova is so insanely hot, that at first one can almost not believe the genius of her musical talent. Sometimes the two things are rarely present, in the same person, in the same woman, each to such a degree. But here it is. With Lola Astanova. As with all of our beautiful women of classical music. The beauty of their form engages with the artistry of their talent in a dance of sorts, a duet, raising both elements to a heightened state, and to a greater level of joyous musical ecstasy.

There is nothing like the beauty of classical music coupled with the refined sexiness of a beautiful woman. And Lola Astanova is beautiful. Truly so. With a crescendo of refined sexiness. And a glorious power full of female sexual energy. One is tempted to say ‘raw female sexual energy’, but there is nothing raw about it. Or about her. Not on the surface anyway. There there is only the perfection of true artistic beauty. Polished and highly refined. Perhaps below there is an animal instinct, a primal urge, one that compels her to express, in such stark and beautiful ways, the power of her female self. The image of a woman who is fully in charge. Who knows in totality the formidableness of her powers, and is fully aware of the effect, both emotional and primal, that she seeks to achieve, and that she creates. [see Lola Astanova – Woman As Art]

Lola Astanova

But even below that, deeper still, it seems she possesses a true understanding of herself, and an immense comfort in her musical world, a beautiful and inspired world of her own making. She is unconquerable, and unstoppable. She is unquestionably ambitious and she is, as well, unbelievably talented. And these are two things that can definitely go together, with great and lasting results. As she open-heartedly enhances the world with her sweet gift and enchants the smittened with her riveting beauty, we take solace in seeing her remain as true to her unique self as she has ever been.

She is fearless, both in her musical excursions and in her presentation of self. A remarkable woman. She seems most capable of turning her own lofty goals into remarkable reality. And as the song says, whatever Lola wants… you know the rest. May she remain forever full of love, and may we always have the privilege of loving her. Even from afar, such as it is. For love Lola we do. And who wouldn’t? Wouldn’t you?

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Lola AstanovaLola Astanova

Date of Birth: 1982
Place of Birth: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Star Sign:
Name at Birth:

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