Lola Astanova – Woman As Art

Lola Astanova Woman As Art1-4

In me lives, not far below the surface, a frustrated pianist. Perhaps not much more than a piano student. Still, a frustrated one. Solace does not come easy, and there is no escape from regret. I look at Lola Astanova, and the way she plays. Her astounding brilliance and her resounding confidence. And I yearn to be her. To be like her. To share in the artistic zones of harmonious beauty in which she strides, and with such beautiful posture, to be sure. To draw from her pool of divine inspiration wherein she swims so freely and easily. To feel, but for a moment, the amazing power that she commands, and presents to us. To pretend that it is me, unbelievably, who is making the incredible music that she makes. Exuding the irresistible beauty that she does. And bestowing such joy and love upon so many, as she so graciously does.

Lola Astanova Woman As Art1-1Lola Astanova at Carnegie Hall. And unlike with me, practice did in fact get her there.

The inspired way in which she has created herself. A labor of her own love. An admired thing, this marvelous manifestation. As if from marble. Now a piece of fine art. Marble that was there. And the way she has quarried, chiseled and carved it, by her own hands, literally, and what amazing hands. The way she has made of herself a work of beautiful art, a lasting and glorious artistic creation, and a thing of such beauty that it, she, will forever have a profound and lasting effect on all of humankind.

Lola Astanova Woman As Art1-2Lola Astanova, where style and substance collide in fashionable elegance.

As an artist she is one of a kind. One of her own kind. An original masterpiece, she herself, and Lola majestically redefines the artistic realm, as she has ascended within her own deeply inspired and higher self, transcended the ordinary, the mundane and the earthly, and has introduced us to a world, her world, where the artist has become the art.

Lola Astanova Woman As Art1-3Lola Astanova, woman as artist, artist as art. Woman as art.

Lola Astanova is a glorious treasure, a revelation, both as an artist and as a woman, and she has stepped forward not only as an intellectual guru for so many who strive to study and to grow and learn, but also as a heart-felt inspiration to so many, women and girls, men and boys alike, who can see in her a great strength and an unyielding spirit, a great intelligence and a heavenly beauty, and a deeply rooted belief in her own sweet power and in her own beautiful magic.

Lola Astanova Woman As Art1-4Lola Astanova is a great inspiration, to too many of us to even count.

And as I enjoy and appreciate and respect and love her endlessly, I come to my own peaceful sense of reality. That, how can anyone truly ever be, as magnificent a woman as she. We love you Lola, and feel that for all you give to us all, that we owe you even more in return. Cheers, and you do your thing. That beautiful thing that no one else does, quite the way you do.
(c) 2014