Martha Argerich

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This is the great beauty that once was. That still is. And that will always be. Martha Argerich. The timeless legend, she is the glorious beauty of the piano. A world class beauty by any standard. Internationally enigmatic and globally inspired, Martha Argerich set and reset the apexes of female beauty, strength and power. And, significantly as well, defined for a whole new generation, and several to follow, a new and wondrous loveliness, an easy access to her deeper spirit, to the place from where her exquisite energy and great art emanates. We feel a warmth we can only now allow ourselves to feel. She is hard to turn away from, and impossible to turn back from. The floodgates have been opened, delicately and untryingly by her sweet self, and no other presence, staid nor stagnant, shall satisfyingly fill our senses again.

Martha Argerich

This is how we felt so many years ago when the great Martha Argerich not only came to our then awakening attention, but immediately overtook our very being with her magnificent brilliance and almost otherworldly inspiration at the piano. She was magic, she still is, and it was as if seeing the wondrous beauty of another realm manifest itself before our very eyes.

We have loved this highly inspired and deeply beautiful woman for a very long time. And she never, ever ceases to amaze us with her constant striving for new meanings, and her infinite adherence to the most pristine of standards, those that are her very own.

Martha Argerich

We are fascinated by the way she communicates with herself. All through her performance. It’s amazing to watch her not only concentrate, but keep a connection to something. Or to someplace. Perhaps that place where the music is, where her genius can be found. Where she finds her inspiration. Her secret place where she finds her own sweet moment. It is as if she sings, in her mind, a note that lasts the duration of the piece. And as with a note, if the singing line, the breath, is broken, then the note is lost. She maintains and holds on to this connection, this synergy with something beyond, something exquisite.

A great example of her doing this can be found in her great classic performance of Chopin’s famous Polonaise in A flat, particularly in the middle section, where she carries a phrase for the very longest of time, both with her divine fingers on the keyboard, and in the way she seems to sing to herself the beautiful melody she hears in her head, and that she so graciously allows us to hear as well. An unbelievably magical thing to experience.

Martha Argerich

So ahead of her time was she, that it took quite some time for her new school to inspire in the music world at large. Yet lucky are we now, that there came Helene and Valentina L. and Valentina I. and Lola and Yuja and Yulianna and Anna and Khatia. What the great Martha Argerich has given us cannot be reckoned fully in any tangible way. It is a lasting legacy of all the beauty and talent that surrounds us now, and that will enthrall and entertain us for generations to come.

The great Martha Argerich is an inspiration for the ages, and her inspiration and influence on so many other great artists will last for just as long.
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Martha ArgerichMartha Argerich

Date of Birth: June 5, 1941
Place of Birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Star Sign: Gemini
Name at Birth: Martha Argerich

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