Michelle Monaghan A Brilliant Actress and Awesome Woman


Michelle Monaghan is an incredibly sophisticated woman whose sexy and down to earth exterior belies the textured and complex layers of this brilliant actress.

The wondrousness of her beauty and personality stretches from beyond the ordinary to the sublime. Of beauty, hers is an extraordinary one, apparent with overwhelming sexiness, and nuanced in her layers of woman, actress and artist. And of personality, there is no one we would rather spend an afternoon, an evening, or a lifetime with. She is rich with joy and effervescent with her unbridled zest for all things real.

Michelle MonaghanBut her sweet and joyous presentation of herself can do little to hide a smoldering passion, for her work, for life, and, we would imagine, for love itself. Now isn’t that a thrill. The intense passion of such an amazing beauty must be a molten thing, in its immense heat, where even lava runs scared. Where not even streams of liquid steel would dare to thread. Her fire is a great one. And she gives such a beautiful hope. We are grateful. She smiles, with such joy. She inspires. Simply by her nature. She excites. She just can’t help that. And she enlightens. In her brave and strong choices. Actresses are lifted by Michelle’s beautiful sense of awareness. Women are inspired by her. By her steady and commanding presence. By the strength of her female energy. And by the very aura of her own heartfelt humanity. She steps forward, and we want to be there with her. Every step of the way. She rises up. And we want to rise with her. Each and every day. She stands. And we want to stand with her. Oh, just look at her. Such a woman. With such talent. Such beauty. Who can resist? Who can withstand her ebullience? She befriends your soul as easily as she seduces your spirit. And when she laughs… we see only happiness. We feel only love for her. And we want only to sail on her wave of delight into tonight and forever.

michelle-monaghanMichelle Monaghan is the beautiful star of Source Code with Vera Farmiga, Perfume, Unfaithful, It Runs in the Family, Winter Solstice, The Bourne Supremacy, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, North Country, Mission: Impossible III with the gorgeous Maggie Q, Keri Russell, Bahar Soomekh and Carla Gallo, Gone Baby Gone, The Heartbreak Kid, Trucker, Eagle Eye, Machine Gun Preacher, Tomorrow You’re Gone, Better Living Through Chemistry and Fort Bliss.
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Michelle MonaghanMichelleMonaghanMichelle Monaghan

Date of Birth: March 23, 1976
Place of Birth: Winthrop, Iowa, US
Star Sign: Aries
Height: 5′ 7″ (1.70 m)
Name at Birth: Michelle Lynn Monaghan