Rachael Ray’s Top 3 Holiday Food Tips

Rachael Ray's Top 3 Holiday Food Tips

Rachael Ray’s popular food recipes include many Thanksgiving dishes, but the chef also has several food tips and tricks to make your holiday cooking run just a little smoother. With respect and appreciation to Rachael Ray, here’s 3 of her top tips for you. You can see more of Rachael’s recipes and tips at her website.

Keeping things flowing during your holiday food preparations might just require some gravy. No matter how you make yours, Rachael Ray has this valuable tip to help us all out.
1. “Always have a little extra turkey or chicken stock nearby for your gravy in case it gets thicker than you want. This also helps in case you added a touch too much salt by diluting it a bit.”

If you’re doing potatoes, this suggestion may seem obvious, but we know many people who cry helplessly over dried up mashed potatoes. But here’s Rachael Ray’s trick of how to bring them back to moist and tasty life.
2. “Always have some extra milk or stock when making mashed potatoes, since they tend to soak up a lot of liquid. If they sit too long and get tight, you can always loosen them up by stirring a little liquid into them.”

And when dealing with the main dish, the turkey or similar, Rachael suggests this very clever and economical tip, perfect for these trying times as well.
3. “An easy way to slice the breast and stretch it a little further is to carve the whole breast off the bird first. Carve each side one at a time, and then slice them from there.”

Have a wonderful holiday season. Many thanks to beautiful Rachael Ray.