Rachel Nichols Absolutely Adorable In A Bird of the Air

Rachel Nichols A Bird Of TheAir

It is rare to see an actress play such a romantic, funny and overwhelmingly adorable character as the beautiful Rachel Nichols does in “A Bird of the Air”. She embodies her character, Fiona, with such warmth, kindness, compassion, beauty and love that we are mesmerized. She is talented. She is a comedic delight. She has created a masterpiece with Fiona. And there is also a most mischievous, delightful parrot. All of which presents us with a remarkably enjoyable film.

Rachel Nichols is gifted. She possesses a genuine “feet on the ground” quality that is so refreshing. She is gorgeous. She is sensuous. We admire you. We are ‘sweet on you’, Rachel Nichols.
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