Samantha Brown Asia

Samantha Brown Asia


Samantha Brown AsiaIn Samantha Brown’s Asia, Samantha Brown embarks on her most exciting and fascinating journey yet. From the intoxicating beauty of Vietnam’s rice paddies, to Thailand’s picturesque beaches, and Hong Kong’s vibrant nightlife, Sam brings to life the delectable food, fascinating cultures and exotic animals of the Far East, giving a rare and intimate look at what defines Asia today.

With ten years of travel savvy in her passport, Sam hits eight of Asia’s must-see destinations: Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan and Bali… making Asia accessible while delivering an experience like none other.


Samantha Brown AsiaIt’s not often you get an intimate tour of a private home in China, or you’re brave enough to dine on Scorpion and Star Fish, but that’s just what Samantha does as she discovers life in Beijing, home to the 2008 Olympics.

The Giant Panda is one of the most endangered animals in the world – and in Sichuan province, Samantha Brown actually gets to hold one of China’s most famous ambassadors. Everything here is big, including a stone Buddha that’s the biggest in the world.

Samantha Brown negotiates Asia’s biggest train station to get from Beijing to China’s ancient capital of Xian, where she’s about to discover the biggest archeological find of the century: China’s Terra Cotta Soldiers.
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