Samantha Brown The Beautiful Lady Of Travel

Samantha Brown

Dear Samantha Brown,
Greetings from nowhere too special. We are not the adventurous ones. But you certainly are. Because of your courage and spirit, your amazing sense of adventure and discovery, your wonderful charm and comfort with all people everywhere, your drive and energy to make your awesome shows, your willingness to throw yourself out there, sometimes come what may, and not to completely ignore the fact that you are one of the most beautiful and truly one of the sexiest women on this small planet, well, let’s see, because of all these things and more, we are able to, and most happy to, voyage along with you, to share your great travels and your marvelous experiences, to meet all the wonderful people that you meet, to indulge in all the great food, and the great beer too, that you do, to see splendid places that we really may not see otherwise, to spend some friendly time with you in your world and in the joy of your companionship, and to revel in your beautiful charm and in your ever lively humor and your endless human spirit.

Samantha Brown

Watching her great shows and seeing Samantha Brown in all her wonderful destinations, the smile in her heart putting a smile on our faces, her millions of fans must surely be saying “wish we were there”! And we say it too. We love you, Samantha.
(c) 2014

Samantha BrownSamantha Brown

Date of Birth: March 31, 1969
Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas, US
Star Sign: Aries
Height: 5′ 4″ (1.63 m)
Name at Birth: Samantha Elizabeth Brown
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