Valeria Golino and Alice Taglioni More Precious Than Ca$h

Valeria Golino and Alice Taglioni Cash
The Exquisite Alice Taglioni and Valeria Golino.

The beautiful actresses Valeria Golino and Alice Taglioni spins a sexy yarn in the delightful film “Ca$h”. Embroiled in a cat and mouse heist caper these two ladies sizzle onscreen. Their chemistry together is electric and we feel it. Through twist and turns and clever deceptions we follow them on a tense and amusing escapade.

Valeria Golino Cash
The Gorgeous Valeria Golino.

Valeria Golino and Alice Taglioni are gorgeous and delectable. We can’t help but smile with giddiness as we watch them. Sensuous, Clever, strong, sexy and dynamic they are all things good and oh so desirable.

Alice Taglioni Cash
The Gorgeous Alice Taglioni.

Two wonderful performances from two exquisite actresses. And yes, they are more precious than all the Ca$h in the world. Thank you, Valeria Golino and Alice Taglioni. We adore you.
(c) 2014