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The amazing Vanessa-Mae is a beautiful and talented violinist extremely well-known for her brilliant blending of the worlds of popular and classical music. Through her stunning violin technique, and her varied and inspired musical tastes, she is able to express herself in the most magical of ways, and grabbing huge audiences and throngs of loyal followers in the process.

Vanessa-Mae’s many respected and popular recordings include Violin, Kids’ Classics, Tchaikovsky & Beethoven Violin Concertos, The Violin Player, The Classical Album 1, China Girl: The Classical Album 2, Storm, The Original Four Seasons and the Devil’s Trill Sonata: The Classical Album 3, Subject to Change, and Choreography.

Vanessa-Mae has released the compilation albums The Classical Collection: Part 1, The Best of Vanessa-Mae, The Ultimate Vanessa-Mae, and Platinum Collection.

Vanessa-Mae has also made guest appearances on Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope, George Martin’s In My Life,
Takuro’s Flow of Soul, and Prince’s Xpectation.
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Date of Birth: October 27, 1978
Place of Birth: Singapore
Star Sign: Scorpio
Name at Birth: Vanessa-Mae Vanakorn

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