Will Classical Music Endure? Women as the Future

Anne-Sophie Mutter Will Classical Music Endure? Women as the Future
Beautiful violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter.

Will Classical Music endure? The eternal question. And still one that is whispered, however casually, in cloistered halls worldwide. From the great concert halls of legend, to the hallowed halls of tradition, and the studious halls of the higher level music schools and institutions, this question is perhaps an oft-asked one. And in the everyday home of the common woman or man, the simple lover of art and music, the novice, the one who will claim not to know much about it, but knows what she or he likes, the young newcomer and the budding artist, this same question. Will Classical Music endure?

Sarah Chang
Beautiful violinist Sarah Chang.

The question of whether classical music will endure remains an important one, perhaps even profound, and well worth pondering. Not only because the very nature of the question holds such vast implications, but because the very act of looking closely at this, analyzing, debating or discussing it, or even simply thinking about it, allows us additional and valuable new insights into the inherent substance of what is classical music, and the timeless essence of its endurance, its proven longevity, the reasons for such, and as well the methods and principles behind more pronounced efforts at sustainability in light of the maintenance, protection and preservation of this infinite legacy. This living and dream-like world of classical music.

Will Classical Music Endure 1-2b-Julia_Fischer
Beautiful violinist Julia Fischer.

Stepping back for a moment, despite our flair for the dramatic or a skewed sense of urgency, we can see that this is not a new question. By any means. Surely with each new meander in the river of classical music history, concerned voices must have been asking similar questions. Perhaps the endurance, relevance and dominance of classical music has never really been a sure thing. As with most any art form. Perhaps its proponents and ardent supporters have always mixed a pound of security that they feel in the assuredness of classical music being an important and irreplaceable cultural art form, with an ounce of hopefulness that it may always remain so.

Sarah Chang Classical Music1-3Beautiful violinist Sarah Chang.

We ourselves hope that it may always remain so, and we see no greater strength in ensuring this reality than in the continued emergence, perseverance and dominance of the talented and beautiful women of classical music.
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